When we reflect on our year of socializing, what comes to mind? The soul-sucking Zoom "parties"? The summer picnics in the park? The gatherings you were too afraid to post on your Insta Stories for fear of public shaming? 2020 has certainly been a strange time for the party people among us, forced either to stay home so as not to catch or spread a deadly virus or, for the first time since social media became a thing, keep their revelry, "exclusive" or otherwise, a secret. But, shared only on "close friends" lists or not, partying did indeed go on. And while it may be hard to remember (or even believe) now, there was a time before COVID, when hints of what was to come blended seamlessly with our blissful ignorance. Let's take a look back, shall we?

[Photo by Hunter Abrams/BFA courtesy APF]