Alessandra Ambrosio Loves Melissa Collaboration Launch At Galeria Melissa

by Ramya Velury · July 31, 2012

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    Last night, Alessandra Ambrosio launched her shoe collection in collaboration with Melissa at the Galeria Melissa. Alessandra, a Victoria's Secret Angel, is the first celebrity to design for the brand. Alessandra's shoes in the collection, Melissa Loves, are only the first in the list of celebrity collaborations the line will see.

    Guests included Alessandra Ambrosio, Lorenzo Martone, Miranda Huang, Judy Liu, Michele Levy, David Lipke, Ebony John, Fernanda Lemos, Fernando Tormena, Kristian Laliberte, and Robert Burke.

    [Alessandra Ambrosio]

    [Alessandra Ambrosio, Paola Sousa] [Alessandra Ambrosio, Lorenzo Martone] [Miranda Huang, Alessandra Ambrosio, Judy Liu]

    [Lorenzo Martone]

    [Left:  Elimar Zoelho, Right: Fernando Tormena] [Ellen Matos, Fernando Tormena, Paola Sousa, Catia Silva] [Jofaama Mamsardo, Fernanda Lemos]

    [Alessandra Ambrosio]

    [Fernanda Lemos] [Alessandra Ambrosio]

    [Alessandra Ambrosio, Lorenzo Martone]