Art met outer space on Sunday in Brooklyn, where celeb-favorite cultural center Pioneer Works hosted its fourth annual Village Fête to support its range of innovative programming, exhibitions, residencies, and more. A true meeting of brilliant minds, the event saw A-listers, artists, and astrophysicists come together for the Far Out themed evening in Red Hook, dining beneath a floral-satellite canopy, slurping oysters in the garden, and sipping experimental cocktails under the stars. Hosts including Alexa Chung, Maxwell, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Lauren Santo Domingo joined founder Dustin Yellin and Director Gabriel Florenz in all the dreamy revelry, which was supported by Tequila Don Julio, Kate Spade New York and Jack Spade, and Stella Artois. 

Upon arrival, Alexander Skarsgard - hot off the success of Big Little Lies - took in the pieces on display as part of Paddle8's silent auction, before joining girlfriend Alexa outside in the sunny seating area near the fire pit. Ellie Goulding also took a turn in the yard before settling into the luscious meal by Danny Meyer's Union Square Events, while Zoe Buckman snuck upstairs for an aura photograph by fashion's chicest energy reader, Radiant Human. 

Finally, with the help of siren Sophia Brous, guests were led to their impeccably set tables, which were adorned with hand-dyed silk shibori runners by Brooklyn-based designer Upstate (by Kalen Kaminski) as well as limited edition bottles of Tequila Don Julio 1942. Can't go wrong with that. Between sips of Vidon Vineyard wine (founded by former NASA astrophysicist Don Hagge), projections of celestial bodies, and a speech by astronaut, Dr. Mike Massimino, the entire night was quite literally out of this world. It only made sense, then, to finish it off with an ethereal live performance by one Moses Sumney, who was introduced by MC Fab 5 Freddy (!!!) as "one of the most talented musicians working today."

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[Photos by Leandro JustenMatteo Prandoni/]