American Heart Association Young Professionals Red Ball

by Ramya Velury · May 1, 2012

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    Last night, the American Heart Association Young Professionals held their annual Red Ball fundraiser at Tribeca Rooftop Three Sixty. The organization is made up of individuals who, through social networking, seek to inform the tri-state area about heart disease and stroke and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

    With a goal of raising $100,000, the funds raised at the Red Ball are allocated towards research, education, and community-centered projects to further spread the importance of living a heart-healthy lifestyle.

    The event was hosted by the Board of Directors, Lawrence Phillips, MD, Ellie Boldenow, Brooke Biethan, David Rodriguez, Sally Wong, and Aparna Balaraman. The Honorees, Kate Coyle, Olajide Williams, MD, and Robert Roswell, MD, FACC, FACP, received awards.

    [David Rodriguez, Ellie Boldenow, Aparna Balaraman, Sally Wong, Robert Roswell, Kate Coyle, Olajide Williams, Lawrence Phillips]

    [Left: David Rodriguez]

    [Right: Robert Roswell] [Middle: Olajide Williams]

    [Middle: Sally Wong, Right: Aparna Balaraman]

    [Lawrence Phillips, Sally Wong, Aparna Balaraman, David Rodriguez, Ellie Boldenow]

    [Robert Roswell, Kate Coyle, Olajide Williams]

    [Left: Robert Roswell]

    [Middle: Kate Coyle]

    [Sally Wong, Kate Coyle, Aparna Balaraman]

    [Middle: Kate Coyle]