Amsterdam Parties Protest-Style for New Year's Bash

by Rebecca Brunn · January 7, 2011

    The spirit of revolution brings out Amsterdam's most dedicated revelers for this annual New Year's extravaganza. We've got the photos of a bash that would make George Orwell proud...

    The headline from Antifesto's Facebook page (roughly translated from the Dutch) reads:

    "In these deadly dull, gray times of severe cutbacks on culture, house and hearth, it's a good time again to climb on the barricades and protest to protest. Let it be heard! Show it!"

    Antifesto, the massive protest party formerly known as Manifesto, rocked Amsterdam to its very cobblestone core on December 29. Those Dutch with true revolutionary hearts came out by the thousands, some armed with signs ("I HAVE A SIGN!"), others with face paint, sequins, and a mad desire to impersonate Lady Gaga. And of course what party is complete with a gigantic light-up anarchy symbol? Nicely done, Holland.

    Ebony Bones, The Glimmers, and Amanda Lepore headlined, supported by a colorful multinational array of DJ sets.

    I never perform without my trusty full-body fishnets either...

    And I'd never forget my headpiece.

    Celebrations got rowdy when the English Nazis came out...

    ...leaving a steaming pile of propaganda in their wake.