An Evening Of Art And Aesthetics

by Gautam Balasundar · May 10, 2013

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    On Wednesday, painter Susan Block debuted her series of paintings titled "Art & Aesthetics," at the opening reception hosted by celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Sharon Giese and sponsored by Body Cosmetica. The event, which took place at the Mayson Gallery in the Lower East Side, featured a live DJ, cocktails, and small bites.

    Guest included Anna Akbari, Ryan Bloch, Susan Block, Richard Wommack, Lori Cheek, Alex Hall, Ronni Anderson, Jeff Dimodica, Eric Kelly, Jeremy Workman, Marie Svobodova, Shayna Nadine, Cotja, Jomo Leslie, Crystal Voisin, and Lisa Zari.

    [Anna Akbari, Ryan Bloch][Susan Block, Richard Wommack]

    [Lori Cheek, Ryan Bloch]

    [Alex Hall]

    [Ronni Anderson, Jeff Dimodica]

    [Eric Kelly, Jeremy Workman]

    [Marie Svobodova, Shayna Nadine, Cotja, Lori Cheek]

    [Lisa Zari, Susan Block]