Countesses, Ex-Cons & Cohen: My Night Partying With The Real Housewives

by Jeremy Lindy · April 8, 2016

Everyone has their “thing.” You can be a foodie, where a restaurant opening is the highlight of your week, a fashionista who drools over a new collection, or a celeb-spotter who loves a good red carpet - don’t we all? See me, I’m a Bravo whore who was able to party like a housewife at the #RHONY premiere party on Wednesday at 42West.

“Oh a party hosted by Dorinda and Jules,”  I’m glad I’ll finally know what I’ve been doing without Dorinda (get it?) but Jules? I had to make sure I wasn’t completely out of it by Googling her and quickly learning that she was the newest housewife in town. Beautiful and married to a Principal of a Private Capital Group - I don’t know what that is but I’ll take it!

After I did my schmoozing it was time for the boozing (or lack thereof). What I thought was the VIP area was just an overly packed one with a tiny rope. Figuring I won’t be getting my drink on, it’s time to spot the Bravolebrities. Having a quick chat with the Countess (saw her earlier this week at the Jeffrey Fashion Cares event) and Ramona, the OG of RHONY (saw her last week as well) I spot a beaming smile with long dark hair. "Oh, hiiii Teresa." Yes, Giudice. Making my way to the reserved-only-for-ex-cons area, I get to say my hello and give my kisses on the cheek, such a doll, and so glad to see she’s able to cross the river into New York without an ankle bracelet or something.

Insider tip : After chatting with Theresa, I got an inside tip from a friend of hers who just finished filming this season's Orange Is The New Black. According to her, this will probably be the last season, and hopefully, it will be graced by a quick cameo by Teresa.

A party of housewives and drag queens is the appropriate way to celebrate a #humpday if you ask me. I was a little nervous for Dorinda after seeing the trailer for the new season - looks like drama! Getting an inside scoop, it sounds like she was just drunk, so glad I can keep using that excuse into middle age. Housewives who were NOT spotted include Carol and Bethany (who was on Watch What Happens Live that night). I love Carol and hopefully they still do but it’s always a sign of the relationships of who comes and goes. As for parties, this was definitely the one to attend for any housewife fan, the only thing missing was the actual show. Good thing for on-demand. 

[Photo via @Jrlindy3, @BravoAndy]