S’well celebrated the launch of its latest artist collaboration series, Yoon Hyup x S’well at the first S’well Pop Up situated by the High Line in the Meatpacking District. Hyup, who has collaborated with global brands such as Nike, Rag & Bone, Facebook, and Universal Music Group, was on hand to sign his limited edition 25oz bottles he designed titled “Flow”.

The shades of blue are evocative of water and the color of the very first S’well bottle, Ocean Blue. This collaborative piece of work portrays not only the iconography identified with Hyup’s work, but of New York City and S’well bottles, exhibiting NYC architecture and the tops of bottles.

Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, Hyup captures images and sounds from urban surroundings, which are filled with energy of rushing people, traffic, music, street sounds, skateboarding. He also explores old places, where they still keep the past generation’s voices and life style, such as the fresco in temples and the paintings of old architectures. His primary choice of colors are influenced by the nature and Obangsaek, the Korean word describing the idea that the five colors - blue, red, yellow, white, and black - have each of their own directionality.

Previous artist collaborations include photographer Gray Malin. From aerial photographs of beaches taken from doorless helicopters to whimsical shots of remote destinations, Malin’s dreamlike images of natural wonders invite us all to experience a visual escape with S’well.

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