In The Bag - New Luxury Favorite Polomi Debuts On The Upper East Side

by Guest of A Guest · February 8, 2024

    There's nothing like a gorgeous collection of handbags to bring a gaggle of editors, tastemakers and fashion faces together... That and margaritas!

    Last night, designer Polomi Chande and stylist Becky Malinsky hosted an accessory-filled Fashion Week kick-off at the shopping Mecca that is Kirna Zabête's Upper East Side perch.

    Isolde Brielmaier, Angelica Hicks, Renata Zandonadi Quaglia, Maryah Ananda, Woldy Reyes and more chatted their way about the boutique, admiring Polomi's freshly debuted handbag designs. Certainly you'll soon be seeing the brand's thoughtfully crafted leather pieces all about town - the London and New York-based designer couldn't even finish putting each of the styles out on the store floor before a woman walked in off the street and purchased one.

    So, curious to see who wore what?

    Kate Davidson, Becky Malinsky, Polomi Chande

    Renata Zandonadi Quaglia, Angelica Hicks

    Becky Malinsky, Will Kahn

    Veronica Webb, Beth Buccini

    Polomi Chande, Isolde Brielmaier

    Daria Strokous, Angelica Hicks

    Maryah Ananda

    Jenny Hartman, Woldy Reyes

    Carolyn Angel

    Alexandra Tabas

    Julia Dunstall

    [Photos by Zev Starr-Tambor]