FIT's Couture Council Has A Party Trick Up Their Sleeves

by Guest of A Guest · February 8, 2024

    Fashion Week may not technically start until Friday, and yet the invites for stylish soirees are already flooding in...

    Indochine was the watering hole of choice last evening, where designer Amir Taghi joined the Couture Council Young Patrons of the Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology to host a flock of fashion favorites for dinner. The occasion? The debut 'Statement Sleeves,' an exciting exhibition looking at the history and evolution of, well, statement sleeves.

    Steering Committee members of the CCYP Lizzie Asher and Adrien Lesser, guests Batsheva Hay, Valerie Steele, Lauren Levison, Jalil Johnson, Maayan Zilberman and more stepped out, embracing the sartorial theme of the night.

    Curious to see who wore what?

    Lizzie Asher, Adrien Gardner Lesser

    Jamilla Stewart

    Leah Faye Cooper

    Sarah Larson, Maayan Zilberman

    Alexander Hankin, Danielle Hankin, Casey Kohlberg

    Sara Story, Melissa Mafridge Mithoff, Amir Taghi

    [Photos courtesy FIT]