Bridget Moynahan Celebrates NYDJ's New Creative Board In NYC

On Tuesday evening, actress Bridget Moynahan toasted the newly assembled creative board of NYDJ jean company. Fellow board members Fiona Stiles, Jeanann Williams, and Cristina Ehrlich celebrated this revolutionary denim brand that has expanded to include pants, tops, dresses, and sportswear, all made with the signature built-in slimming technology that has dubbed NYDJ a cult brand to keep an eye on. Click through for an inside look!

Who was there: Guests included Cristina Ehrlich, Fiona Stiles, Bridget Moynahan, Jeanann Williams, Nana Meriwether, Kelly Connor, Lauren Junge, Sara Oldmixon, Jamie Beck, Kate Foster, and James LaForce.

[Photos by Kelly Taub/] [Photo via @bridgetmoynahan]