The New York Academy of Art's open house for the art loving haute, last night's Tribeca Ball did not disappoint. Guests were greeted with a magical menagerie of entertainment for the eyes, from stilt walkers and contortionists to steel drummers, cotton candy stations, even comfortably nested birds (yes - real birds) sitting ever so elegantly for a live sketching, teetering on the edge of death as high heeled women climbed up and down the six floors of artist studios in search of art's next big thing. 

Honestly, this is probably one of my favorite events each year, but for some reason, perhaps PTSD, I always forget just how intense the night proves. In the best, most interesting, thankfully different way possible, that is. After all, where else will you find yourself in the same boat as Naomi Watts and Brooke Shields as they hold on to the railings for dear life, scaling the stairs in stilettos, pushing their way politely through the small corridors and artist spaces.

And speaking of Brooke Shields - how hot to trot did the 51 year old look? For any age! A mesh corseted bustier paired with a tailed jacket and tuxedo pants. Perfection. 

With plenty of names in attendance - from Martha Stewart to Jessica Hart - the evening proved a wild success, raising a total of $860,000 for scholarships, producing fashionable photos aplenty. Flip through for an inside look at who else stunned at the fete!

[Photos courtesy BFA]