I mean, could it get any more Upper East Side than the Central Park Hat Luncheon?

A sea of stylish chapeaux and polished ensembles all rightfully desperate for social interaction made their way to Central Park's Bethesda Fountain yesterday to celebrate the return of uptown's most beloved annual event. Maskless and ready to mingle, guests thoroughly enjoyed the semi-socially distanced al fresco affair, even if it did at times prove a bit too toasty in the sun. Who knew an umbrella could be such a status symbol?

The event, which usually sees over 1,200 attendees, is now to be spread out over two days, with each lunch being split into three groups sat at separate but close locations  - a real reckoning moment for some since, as one would expect, the days and groups were not created equal from a social rank perspective, if you catch our drift. 

Now more than ever, following a year of cancellations and confinement and closures, Central Park's 840 acres have been the greatest gift to New Yorkers in need of respite. And really, what better way to get the city's elite to raise money to keep it clean and beautiful than a hat luncheon?

Curious to see who wore what? Click through for some of the chicest looks from the first day's soirée!

[Photos via @rcourihay, @andrewpascoeflowers]