Cesar Padilla And Acne Celebrate Ripped Tees For "Ripped"

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · March 29, 2010

    Cesar Padilla and friends took over Acne's Greene Street store on Friday to celebrate the release of his new book, "Ripped: T-Shirts From The Underground." And with PBRs, "Ripped" beverage sleeves and some Sonic Youth in ear, the book was warmly welcomed into the universe.-

    Know that vintage David Bowie t-shirt you like so much? The one you'd happily surrender your dog to the vet if it meant you could keep? Right, that one. Even though you can't imagine loving anything more than that t-shirt, Cesar Padilla does -- and it's another a few hundred tees that are probably better than your Ziggy Stardust. Sorry.

    But don't fault him for it. Padilla grew up on the West Coast and attended punk shows up the wahzoo. After endlessly studying the rags of his favorite bands, like Black Flag, X, and the Minute Men, he began collecting "the most bad-ass rock n' roll t-shirts of all time!" So yeah, that means there's another t-shirt out there that's better than your Ziggy, and Cesar has it. But you and your go-to "Rainy Day Sunday" tee will be fine. Just until your eyes start to wander through the pages of "Ripped," that is.

    Lynn Yaeger

    [photos via openingceremony]