Charlotte & Samantha Ronson Host The Relaunch Of Fashion & Style At The Raven

by Janhavi Purohit · August 26, 2013

    Charlotte Ronson, Gregory DelliCarpini Jr.DJ InBetween, Samantha RonsonDecor at Fashion & Style Relaunch

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    On Thursday, fashion expert Gregory DelliCarpini Jr. and sisters Samantha and Charlotte Ronson hit the Meatpacking District to celebrate the relaunch of Fashion & Style at the Raven. The relaunch came along with a celebration of DelliCarpini's new position as Fashion Director for the site, alongside president Jayne Mountford. Dim lighting, deep red walls, and low ceilings set the mood as Samantha Ronson took to the turn tables and got guests on their feet to a mash-up of oldie and current day favorites. Charlotte Ronson made her way around the room to greet guests in between sips of her LeSUTRA Sparkling Liqueur cocktail.

    Guests included Samantha Ronson, Charlotte Ronson, Rita Ora, and Gregory DelliCarpini Jr.

    Samantha Ronson, Charlotte Ronson [Samantha Ronson, Charlotte Ronson]

    Guests included: Gregory DelliCarpini Jr., Charlotte Ronson, Samantha Ronson, Phillipe Blond, Ashley Joy Parker, Jonathan Webb, Jeanette Zinno, DJ InBetween, Doug Fenton, and Madame Mayhem.

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    Gregory DelliCarpini Jr., Ashley Joy ParkerGregory DelliCarpini Jr., Phillipe Blond [Gregory DelliCarpini Jr., Ashley Joy Parker] [Gregory DelliCarpini Jr., Phillipe Blond]

    Guests at Fashion & Style Relaunch

    Charlotte Ronson, Jonathan WebbJeannette Zino, Gregory DelliCarpini Jr. [Charlotte Ronson, Jonathan Webb] [Jeannette Zino, Gregory DelliCarpini Jr.]

    Guests at Fashion&Style RelaunchGuests at Fashion & Style Relaunch

    Madame MayhemDoug Fenton [Madame Mayhem] [Doug Fenton]


    Guests at Fashion & Style RelaunchGuests at Fashion & Style Relaunch


    Fashion & Style RelaunchFashion & Style at Raven

    Guests at the Fashion & Style Relaunch