Check Out The Deets On The Wintour-Murdoch Kiss, The Jackman-Butler Hug

by Ross Kenneth Urken · October 21, 2010

    Anna WintourAt last night's Global Poverty Project DVD launch at MoMA, where Hugh Jackman revealed his buffed up image and whipped cream shenanigans, we were positioned to make two interesting observations about the greeting rituals of two pairs: find out about the Hugh Jackman-Gerard Butler hug and the Wendi Murdoch-Anna Wintour kiss.

    The Jackman-Butler interaction, observed at close range, proved a complex and amusing series of moments that rivals Marx Brothers slapstick. While Butler got blinded by flashing cameras, Jackman, standing aside (in a sort of friendly ambush), waited to greet him. Butler, blinkingly regained his sight after stepping away deeper into the MoMA foyer and, upon seeing Jackman, launched into a bromantic bear hug, immersing the Aussie in his leather jacket.Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman

    The two shared a moment of banter, during which Jackman gave Butler a bottle of Balance water. Butler accepted, and then a little bemused, told Jackman he wasn't thirsty, But Jackman wouldn't take the bottle back and dotingly insisted that Butler stay hydrated. Eventually a PR rep took care of the bottle, but the courtesy show-down between the two mixed A Night at the Opera with Duck Soup in this ping-pong of arched eyes and oh-no-no-you-take-it repartee.

    Then there's the kiss, between Anna Wintour and Wendi Murdoch, who appeared quite chummy and held hands as they kissed on both cheeks in a slow-mo European way.

    Murdoch appeared twice Wintour's height and called out, "Shelby! Shelby!" to Wintour's date, Shelby Bryan, to let him know that the Vogue editor would be walking the red carpet for photos.

    These moments, otherwise insubstantial, struck us as humorous in their peripheral theatricality.

    Wendi Murdoch