It's that time of the year again, and nothing reminds us of that more than a little song and dance. With the holidays right around the corner, brands are ramping up their efforts to get our attention, and while sometimes that's incentive to tune them out, it also means they're pulling out all the stops to bring us their best offerings. Last night Target did just that, with 'The Toycracker' spectacle at Spring Studios. 

Target has always gone above and beyond when it comes to throwing events, especially this time of the season. But last night they managed to make it a family affair, giving a preview of their new spot on ABC, which is the opener to the network debut of the most popular children's movie of the last decade, Frozen. Ahead of the premiere of 'The Toycracker,' there were a series of elaborate dance routines as parents and children found their seats. Once everyone settled in, the young performers presented a mini-show, which introduced the film. The new 'Toycracker' spot is an 8-minute long musical which delivers a dose of Christmas spirit to the entire family, with its modern take on 'The Nutcracker.' 

This time, Chrissy Teigen takes on the role of the Nutcracker, who is challenged by John Legend's Rat King. But in this modern retelling, the two spar with rap verses surrounded by popular toys like Barbie and Lego Batman, with a child protagonist stepping in to remind them of the holiday spirit they are all meant to uphold. Both Teigen and Legend were on hand for the premiere, alongside friends like Olivia Wilde and Naomi Watts. Following the screening, Teigen and Legend posed for a few pictures, while the stylish crowd headed onto the stage setting which was transformed into an after-party with activities for everyone. The kids posed for pictures on the intricate Rat King cart from the movie, as well as photos with the Target dog Bullseye, and were also treated to a station where they could paint their own cookies using food dye. Parents on the other hand, were welcome to indulge in an open bar with Moscow mules and spiked cider, but most responsibly opted for the bevy of hors d'oeuvres and Black Tap milkshakes instead (leaving the bar for the 20-somethings that were also invited to roam the grounds). It was an entertaining night for everyone involved, and a reminder of why Target events have always been the best way to welcome the season.

Catch the Toycracker during the broadcast of Frozen on Sunday December 11th, on ABC.

[Photo by Neil Rasmus/]