This Thursday afternoon, The Plaza's ballroom swelled with nearly 250 stylish guests - leaders across the fields of business, technology, arts, politics, philanthropy and entertainment - all gathered to support the Citymeals on Wheels 34th Annual Power Lunch

As mentioned many times throughout the affair, there's nothing sexy about the non-profit, which is devoted to feeding New York City's homebound elderly. And yet, somehow, their honorable cause has grasped the hearts of so many notable and influential names. 

Aerin Lauder, Al Roker, Lizzie Tisch, Christy Turlington Burns, Kathleen Turner, Brett Heyman, Patricia Wexler and many more in attendance helped raise more than $1.3 million - all of which will go towards preparing and delivering over 160,000 nourishing meals for frail aged New Yorkers in need.

Following cocktails, a seated lunch toasted this year's honoree, Citymeals Board Vice President Lizzie Tisch. And to end the event, dessert trays were delivered with an additional treat - an interactive performance by Freestyle Love Supreme Academy, a program founded by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Curious to see inside the chic charitable event? 

Click through for a peek!

[Photos by Max Flatow Photography]