Cobra Starship Serenades A Lucky Fan At The Manhattan Ford Rooftop

by MIGUELINA NUNEZ · June 15, 2010

    Cobra Starship performed on a Manhattan rooftop last week to a crowd of  incredibly good looking 20-somethings in celebration of the new Ford Fiesta. This is one of Cobra Starships biggest and undoubtedly coolest gigs that didn't involve opening of for Fall Out Boy or essentially singing back up to  Leighton Meester


    The Ford Fiesta Rooftop Concert isn't exactly reminiscent of the sprawling Empire Polo Fields of Coachella. After all, a rooftop venue can only be so big. This is probably how a Coachella-like festival in Manhattan would pan out though, and I'm talking about the beautiful model types making out in the corner.

    The venue was celebrating the release of Ford's new model, the Ford Fiesta, which honestly must have been the cheapest thing at this party considering the designer duds on most of the attendees. At one point front man Gabe Saporta even grabbed an audience member's cell phone in the middle of a song and sang into it! Nothing beats a serenade from someone who once sang through the closing credits of Snakes on a Plane!

    [Photos by  Zac Sebastian]