Delicious! CupcakeStop Opens In West Village

by Mara Siegler · December 15, 2010

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    Eat your heart out Carrie Bradshaw. Line way too long at Magnolia? Really tired of the tourists on the "Sex and City" Tour? West Villagers now have another option when it comes to indulging their sweet tooth.

    Manhattan’s first mobile gourmet cupcake truck, the CupcakeStop, celebrated the opening of their new store, the CupCakeStop Shop, at 70 Greenwich Avenue. As could be expected, there was a whole lot of frosting, sprinkles, and chocolate involved!

    Remember "Millionaire Matchmaker" surfer guy PJ and Michael, the winner of the date with the female Fabio? They may not have found their Mrs. Rights, but at least they got a friendship out of it and/or are milking the appearance for everything it's worth.

    I have a feeling Patti would not be happy with this photo. "Why are you giving the cupcakes a creepy look? You're leering at the baked goods! What's going on in the pants? Just stop. Out, you're done!"

    Simon van Kempen, Alex McCord

    Simon van Kempen, Alex McCord

    Someone has spoiled their dinner.