As the oldest fine leather luxury goods house in the world, Delvaux has been a long time coming to the designer canon that is 5th Avenue. In celebration of its very first American flagship, perched on the corner of 59th in the Sherry-Netherland, the Belgian maison pulled out all the stops.

An intimate group of well heeled guests hosted by Lily and Doug Band along with Chairman & CEO Jean-Marc Loubier and Hedieh Loubier enjoyed a festive cocktail hour at the divine new boutique, surrounded by the brand's timeless, playful designs. Trading one set of champagne flutes for another, the party later migrated to the forever Upper East Side hot spot Le Bilboquet for an evening of music, wine, and more food than any person could know what to do with - especially a french person! With many a notable name and fashionable face present, the doubtless belle of the evening was Christina Zeller, Delvaux Creative Director, a vision in white.

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[Photos courtesy Samantha Nandez/]