On New Year’s Eve, Discovered Arts of Bowery, a collective bringing together downtown's creative class, held it’s third annual “New Year’s State of Mind” bash at Lovecraft in East Village. A vibrant and eclectic community of young professionals converged from across the globe to ring in the New Year in style. The three distinct rooms of the lower-Manhattan space were transformed and curated for a discerning audience, and to spotlight four of the best emerging artists in NYC.

Co-founders Max Dutcher, Peter Griffin and Zach Rosen hosted 300 guests at the affair. The guest list was drawn from a community of young professionals and creatives, all invited through a common network and interest in interactive patronage of the arts.

The night began with dinner and an intimate stripped-down performance by the up and coming artist John Splithoff, hot off his latest single “Sing to You” and accompanied by the talented Jake Goldbas. As the venue filled and guests matriculated the red carpet to the cavernous back room, they were treated to a surprise performance by Thirdstory, an NYC band comprised of singer-songwriters Elliott Skinner, Ben Lusher, and Richard Saunders. This was the trio’s first public performance after a recent Saturday Night Live set being featured by Chance the Rapper.

From there the energy of the night was amplified as The Rooks took the stage in the adjacent Band Room. The Rooks grabbed the crowd with authority, and started up the dance floor with some hard hitting funk.

As The Rooks surged ahead towards midnight, DJ Andrew Marks kicked off a late night set in the Back Room. As the clock wound down, both acts brought their rooms into the New Year in their own unique styles. Champagne was toasted, confetti released, kisses exchanged, and for the patrons of the Discovered Arts of Bowery, 2017 was welcomed in immaculate fashion.

Notable attendees included producer Liza Tullidge, real estate developer and Virginia Museum of Fine Arts board member Jay Collier, music manager Ryan Anderson, Refinery 29 fashion editor Ray Lowe, Ariel Felix of Conde Nast, Katherine Gupta of Bank of America, WeWork designer Allie McKee, and Edelman publicist Amanda Hodge.

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