Any launch by the legendary Dom Pérignon is an event in itself, but three new vintages in one night? That's a big deal. On Thursday evening, bottles popped and champagne flowed in honor of Dom Pérignon's Vintage Trinity, a selection of Vintage, Rosé, and (the really good stuff) P2. Since the three-at-once was a global first for the brand, it was only fitting to throw a New York City rager worthy of the occasion. Guests across the worlds of fashion, food, art, and nightlife toasted inside Irving Plaza, where thematic rooms took over the senses and reflected the unique expression of each champagne. The evening culminated inside the main ballroom, where burlesque performers with Parisian flair took to the stage (and then some) to titillate, entertain, and most certainly surprise the crowd. Post-performance, the beautiful people remained on the dance floor until the wee hours, and the mood reflected that famous phrase by Dom Pérignon himself, "I am tasting the stars!"

[Photos by Joe Schildhorn/]