Dot 429 & Jeffrey Fashion Cares (NYC Pride Week)

by CHRISTINE LAI · June 25, 2010

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    In honor of New York City's Pride Week, Dot 429 and Jeffrey Fashion Cares hosted an event last night at the Rivington Hotel Penthouse. Guests came out to support and celebrate the city's commemoration of the gay community.

    Dot 429 helps to bring the LGBT group together outside of the professional environment.  Jeffery Fashion Cares' events, typically fashion shows, are used to heighten awareness about HIV/AIDS in the gay community. Their collaboration for this event was perfect for the city's Pride Week.

    Bright pink stickers were worn to show people's connection to the Dot429. Not only were the stickers bright pink but so were the Belvedere Pink Grapefruit drinks that the guests drank throughout the night. The DJ and bar were within the top floor of the hotel and together they set the mood for the gathering. In addition to the penthouse, the rooftop was also a hot spot for people to mingle and enjoy the luckily, rainless summer evening.  Everyone seemed happy and gay (as in light-hearted!) at the Dot 429 & Jeffrey Fashion Cares event.