DoubleClick Reunion: An Internet Week Event No One Should've Missed

by CATHY LEVETT · June 14, 2010

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    Last Thursday, the web design company DoubleClick held a reunion party for alumni of the compny at a private residence . The event was hosted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Alumni sipped on cocktails while making themselves comfortable at the swanky, modern venue.


    The residence was situated on 11th Ave, overlooking the East River, providing a stunning backdrop to the party--(seriously, check out that skyline: the clouds are a different hue in every picture as the sunset colored the surroundings.)

    This event was definitely on the tamer side of the Internet Week rooftop parties last week, especially in comparison to the frat-like atmosphere of the Thrillist party and the poolside antics at the Friday's Foursquare bash.  Still, the attendees didn't seem to mind the less-than-bacchanalian atmosphere; a nice view and a few drinks was no doubt remedy enough for a week of staring at computer screens.