Where Did You Watch The USA/England Game?

by Chiara Atik · June 14, 2010

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    For a country that prides itself on its football madness, Britain certainly did make a an amateur fumble on Saturday's soccer game with the USA. Robert Green, the Lions' goalie, totally dropped the ball (heh), and it's widely rumored that he will be replaced by next Friday's game. At least the game was fun to watch, right? At least until it ended....-

    Bars across the city were brimming with people, some so crowded that fans were spilling onto the sidewalk. Dempsey's, the popular bar on Second Ave in the East Village, was for some reason taped live for the ABC Broadcast (we don't really understand why...is it because it happens to share a name with US player Clint Dempsey?). Cool for Dempsey's, but it means the pub will probably be way too crowded at future games.

    Fiddlesticks and Galway Hooker, two bars in the West Village famous for their British/Irish patronage, were predictably full of England supports, who wrapped themselves in the Union Jack and lustily sang "God Save The Queen", (with American beer in hand).

    While Manhattan's more "cosmopolitan" setting lent itself to all kinds of international supporters, Brooklyn remained strictly American, at least at Woodwork in Prospect Park, where the varied flags hanging outside didn't do much to change the mostly American jerseys and supporters in the bar.

    Fans cheered and and chanted throughout the game, and we Americans found ourselves wondering why we don't watch soccer more often, because after all it's a great game, and exciting, and fast paced, and patriotic and---

    And then it ended.

    Just like that.

    Fans, so spirited minutes before, quietly petered out into the streets, with neither a Victory to celebrate nor a loss to lament.

    It gets more exciting, right?

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