Fort Gansevoort Brings Art & BBQ To The Heart Of The Meatpacking District

The surge continues on Gansevoort Street: Bubby's, Gansevoort Market, Subrosa, 58 Gansevoort...and now, perhaps to appease the insatiable crowds at The Whitney, there's the new gallery Fort Gansevoort. That's right, beside the bustling clubs, restaurants, and hotels that dominate the Meatpacking District, there stands a boon for creative types, and after last night's preview, it's clear why it's one of the most exciting new additions to the block.

To kick things off, Fort Gansevoort's Adam Shopkorn and Carolyn Tate Angel presented a series of paintings by graffiti artist CES. The works were presented on the higher two floors of the inconspicuous 3 story space. The structure of the space is unlike most galleries, feeling more like a home with wooden paneling and floors and greenery throughout. On the first floor, there was a BBQ pit where guests including Lindsay Ellingson, Jessica Joffe, and Peter Davis convened and sampled sliders cooked by DJ and BBQ-enthusiast Franco V. Throughout the summer, there will be a take-out window where both guests and passersby can indulge in the succulent meats, with a selection of guest chefs coming in to cook. Artists will be rotating as well, and the CES exhibit will be up through August.

Who was there: Guests included Carolyn Angel, Adam Shopkorn, Franco V, Sarah Arison, Helio Campos, Ricky Clifton, Casey Fremont Crowe, Brandon Crowe, Peter Davis, Lauren Buys, Hannah Johnson, Dakota Sica, Cheryl Dunn, Todd Eberle, Austin Fremont, Katya Gause, Nicholas Graham, Laura de Gunzburg, Hanuk Hanuk, Sarah Hoover, Jessica Joffe, Susan Kirschbaum, Nemo Librizzi, Maripol, Nicole Miller, David Morehouse, James Perkins, Bettina Prentice, Alexis Rockman, Benny Safdie, Ava Safdie, Donna De Salva, Mikhail Sokovikov, Eve Therond, Kristen Joy Watts, Adam Weinberg and Carmen Zita.

[Photos by Max Lakner/BFA]