Gaia Matisse Had A Way Better 22nd Birthday Party Than You Did

When you're the great granddaughter of legendary artist Henri Matisse, you don't have small-scale events when it comes to celebrating major milestones in your life - especially not when you have friends like Gaia's. Hosted by Just Drew Clothing's Andrew Warren, Tiffany Trump, Kyra Kennedy, and Karen Shiboleth, Gaia Matisse's surprise party at NYC hot spot Gilded Lily was the only way to start feeling 22. While DJ legacy (and Gaia's BFF) Reya Benitez - yes, the daughter of Studio 54 DJ John Benitez - provided tunes for the night along with Nicola Bernardini, guests including Peter Brant Jr, Harry Brant, PC Peterson, Lizzy Pergament, and Julia Moshy all partied alongside blow-up cupcakes...and help the birthday girl ring in her new year. Bonus points to Andrew, who designed the chic ensembles worn by Gaia and Reya with his company, Just Drew.

[Gaia Matisse by Paul Porter/] [Nicola Bernardini, Reya Benitez, Andrew Warren, Tiffany Trump, Kyra Kennedy by Paul Porter/] [Gaia Matisse, Peter Brant Jr. by Paul Porter/][Andrew Warren, Nicola Bernardini by Paul Porter/]