Geeking Out At The Wired Store Opening Night Party

by Mara Siegler · November 19, 2010

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    Wired took over the entire three floors of the old Tower Records space last night with the opening of their annual holiday pop-up store.  Tech lovers shopped, played, and just generally geeked out.

    Over 150 products have been curated by Wired editors. There's plenty up for grabs from a $10,000 exercise bike so beautiful it warranted a place in a Milan museum to an anti-aging LED red light to a  stuffed animal case for your child's iPhone. For those who suffer extreme social awkwardness there's something called a Coversacube which, "Is a conversation aid device that will prompt you with what to say and do and guide everyone toward smooth, comfortable conversation every time." For example, if you're having trouble knowing when to interject while stuck talking to someone who endlessly drones on and on, it'll instruct you "Chime In."

    At the store, gamers could partake in chess, flash a cheesy smile in the photo booth, or play with The Wilderness Machine created by Chris Milk, director of Arcade Fire's "The Wilderness Downtown" video. It allows users to enter their childhood home and watch as trees sprout up all around it (assuming you grew up in an urban environment). The image is printed onto handmade paper with birch seeds so that you can bury it and grow your own woodland forest.