New York always does Pride Week right, but if there was ever a time to celebrate LGBT culture with no bars held, it's this week, this month, this year. Leave it to Grindr to make that happen, which is what they did when they teamed up with Visionaire last night to take over The Standard with the most raunchy, sexy, entertaining Pride party (or any party, really) we can remember.

Guests first went up to the Top of the Standard, where the most adventurous and stylish of the crowd donned their best silk, satin, and lace for the black tie pajama party. There was a reason for the amusing (albeit, challenging) dress code: the hosts took over the entire 17th floor, with select rooms used to lounge around on the beds, have unique drinks, and get temporary tattoos (none of which were placed on any part of the human body that would normally go uncovered as we learned throughout the night). In the gym, 'glory holes' were set up with hands sticking out of them...offering shots of protein shakes, and nothing more. But hey, after a night of drinking Babe Rosé and vodka, a little protein was welcomed! 

The rest of the gym was closed off so two shirtless male models could work out, for no other reason than to watch two shirtless models work out. A Grindr party indeed. The best room, as most people admitted, was the photo shoot room where S&M dressed (though black leather jock straps might not fit the definition of 'dressed') guys and girls worked the camera with a bunch of toys at their disposal. The kinky shoot went on throughout the night, with varying degrees of kink: from Eric Rutherford and Cecilia Dean lightly testing out the whips on latex-clad models to nipple clamps and...erotic technique, let's call it. 

The entertainment extended back on 18, where Alexander Wang danced like no one was watching (but everyone was watching), Zachary Quinto celebrated, and RJ King lounged around in stylish silk PJs. For a Pride Week party, Grindr and Visionaire set the bar. To get people downing booze well past midnight on a Sunday, well that was nothing short of miraculous. But it was only the start of a great week, and last night's event pointedly showed that whatever your social circle, sexual orientation, or political leaning is, Pride Week is about celebrating people, and so celebrate we did.

[Photos: Billy Farrell & Owen Kolasinski / BFA]