Guests Are Treated To A Unique Dining Experience At "The Hunger" Pop-Up Series

by TIFFANY ETESSAMI · May 13, 2010

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    Last night The Hunger: A Pop-Up Restaurant Series launched. The Hunger is a series of themed restaurant concepts in NYC and other cities. The idea comes from Top Chef alum Camille Becerra and Alan Philips and Josh Shames of SKY Group.-


    The first night was hosted at a Broome Street space, and featured a six course dinner titled "Urban Cuisine Bourgeois." The menu included modern French cuisine because Chef Becerra wanted to celebrate the ingredients of the season and was influenced by urban tastes and ideas. DJ Nick Cohen mixed French pop with "the soundtrack of downtown Manhattan."

    The innovators of the series hope to create memorable dining experiences through The Hunger. Guests (including The Village Voice's Michael Musto) loved the concept, so it's working so far!