Here's Why Every Big Musicican Joined Jay Z At The Launch Of Tidal

We all saw the memes on our Instagram feed and heard the buzz about some secret music super-event happening at the Skylight at Moynihan Station yesterday in NYC. But why did every major name in the music biz, from Beyonce to Madonna, Jack White to Kanye West, gather to sign a mysterious "declaration" alongside Jay? The reigning king of hip hop is launching Tidal, slated to serve as huge competition for the likes of Spotify and Pandora. The "high fidelity" music streaming service will be subscription based, but the aspect that makes it stand out is, indeed, the strength of the artists' backing. Over a dozen A-list musicians are identified as "owners" of Tidal, and most of them stood side-by-side on stage yesterday in NYC. Others, like Calvin Harris and Coldplay's Chris Martin, were beamed in via satellite video. Though it was never revealed what exactly the document said, an artist-owned, high quality music service seems like something the industry, and music-lovers, desperately need. So, #TIDALforALL? Let's wait and see.

[Photos courtesy Getty Images]