Klimt Kaleidoscope

The Halloween host and hostess with the mostest, Stuart Parr and Allison Sarofim, hosted their annual soirée on Saturday, a Klimt Kaleidoscope that combined disco and art history. A-list guests like Naomi Campbell, Hamish Bowles, and Emily Weiss were encouraged to "Roll with Gold & Soul," and they certainly dressed their gilded best. The hostess herself rocked a 'fro to rival Naomi's, while others opted for topless. The notoriously exclusive invite list may have kept you out, but here we have an inside look.

Who was there: Guests included Allison Sarofim, Stuart Parr, Naomi Campbell, Hamish Bowles, Mickey Boardman, Enrico Bruni, Claire Distenfeld, Inga Rubenstein, Peter Davis, Piera Gelardi, Philippe von Borries, John Targon, Emily Weiss, Bianca Duenas, Maria Duenas Jacobs, and Amy Astley.