With the impending demolition of Hauser & Wirth's 18th street location, the home of the once iconic Roxy roller rink turned globally renowned gallery hosted a final blowout. As an avid party goer myself, I can undeniably say this evening was one of my all time favorites. The who's who of the Chelsea art world came out to say their final goodbye to the 10,000 square foot gallery and leave their mark before the wrecking ball hits. After hitting the bar set up center stage in the middle of the main exhibition space, gallery girls strapped on their old-school blades and orbited the now empty, dim-lit home which just days before housed multi-million dollar art pieces. Guests wreaked havoc on the space - spray-paint cans in one hand, cigarettes in the other. And the piece de resistance? A classic New York hot dog stand in the corner which not even a vegan could deny was anything less than AMAZING. 

All in all it was a great night. R.I.P. Roxy Rink and Hauser & Wirth 18th Street. You will be sorely missed. 

Grab an inside peak at the festivities and a closer look at the gallery's final hours.