Last night Mixer, the private network for creatives, hosted an intimate dinner at Tartinery. Guests were greeted in the trendy Nolita space with chic mini-champagne bottles of Pommery and a roster of downtown cool kids. DJs, artists, and musicians alike enjoyed tartines and ever-flowing wine. The dinner's finale included a tableside surprise performance by Adam Green himself. 

Click through for a closer look at the night! 

Who was there: Guests included Adam Green, Alexandra Richards, Andy Capper, Anis Bennaceur, Anna Gray, Arden Wohl, Avi Gill, Bailey Self, Brie Welch, Chandler Kennedy, Cody Simons, Cory Kennedy, Crystal Moselle, Faran Krentcil, Hayden Tobin, James Hurst, Jennifer Vitagliano, Jonah Freeman, Jordan Galland, Kia Makarechi, Lexi Stellwood, Lili Pepper, Mackenzie Johnson, Maeve Nicholson, Mando Compean, Mark Hunter, Mark Indelicato, Martin Olsson-Prescott, Nicole Vitagliano, Nina Stewart, Paul Alavari, Ryan Glick, Shruti Ganguly, Soko, Stefan Bondell, Ugo Schildge and James Waterworth

[Photos via Noa Griffel for BFA