Inside The 2015 Museum of Modern Art's Party In The Garden & After-Party

Last night, the Museum of Modern Art hosted their annual "Party In The Garden" in the museum's Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture garden honoring artists Richard Serra and Kara Walker, while paying tribute to a major benefactor of the museum's milestone birthday, saluting the centennial of David Rockefeller.The evening started with cocktails and dinner in the garden and ended with an night at the museum after-party bringing together all of the NYC art world's biggest names, with a performance by The Weeknd and DJ set by Chromeo. While in the VIP section, The Misshapes kept the crowd alive throughout the night until the party closed out at the stroke of midnight.

Who was there: Guests included David Rockefeller, The Weeknd, Agnes Gund, Leelee Sobieski, Jeff Koons, Ariana Huffington, Ariana Rockefeller, Chuck Close, Cindy Sherman, Enrico Bruni, Isabella Huffington. Jake T. Austin, Kara Walker, Polina Proshkina, Sebastian Errazuriz, Tina Barney, Bill Cunningham, Claudia Avendano, James Strauchen, Kevin Beasley, Lin Gao, Richard Serra, Ricki Noel Lander, Steve Mcqueen, Susi Kenna, Teresita Fernandez, Thelma Golden, Vivian Strauchen, Barri Yoko, Benjamin Palmer, Chromeo, Jiajia Fei, Deborah Bernard, Abbie Daniels, Allison Sparkuhl, Amorina Spinardi, Andrew Susman, Antwaun Sargent, Arcus Daniell, Audrey Rose Smith, Ben Straus, Celine Mo, Charlotte Barde, Crisanta German, Daniel Arsham, Daniel Bernstein, Danny Matz, Derrick Adams, Elizabeth Ferraro, Erica Hicks, Erin Fallwell, Garrett Fuselier, Greg Bresnitz, Greg Schroy, Jennifer Ty, Jessica Farrow, Jessica Marak, Joel Sonkin, Justin Tang, Kate Hyde, Katharine Lau, Lana Smith, Laurie Sotirov, Lena Griffin, Mark Seekings, Michael Chuapoco, Morgan Halberg, Oliver Diamon, Rebca Brsohn, Salvador Fernandez, Samantha Cohen, Sara Toner, Stefano Zoccatelli, Stephen Kronin, Tes Kendrick, Vicente Munoz, Zara Migranyan, and Zoe Chai.

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