Yesterday the city was full of people showing off their school colors, walking around the city in purple, and red, and light blue caps and gowns following their graduation ceremonies. Always ones to go against the grain, The Bruce High Quality Foundation chose this day, intentionally or not, to host their annual benefit and celebrate the launch of their new alternative MFA program, MFU. 

If there's meaning behind the acronym beyond the obvious, we don't know it, but once we entered Julian Schnabel's Palazzo Chupi and saw gift totes printed with 'Fuck Bruce,' (not to mention a painting titled "Rude Matisse" featuring a middle finger in the famous artists' signature style) we stopped thinking and embraced the cheeky tone of the night. Well-heeled guests including Jemima Kirke, Zac Posen, and Schnabel himself congregated over cocktails and dinner, and honored art collector Jane Holzer for her continued support. Canadian singer Syv De Blare performed, and the after-party featured New York native musicians Onyx Collective performing jazz to the delight of the eclectic room. 

But all entertainment aside, the actual MFU program is a noteworthy (albeit limited, with only 5 available spots) addition  to the BHQF programs, and a big step in their mission to provide free art education. It was a special day for everyone whose schoolwork finally culminated ceremoniously and can finally boast their fine art degrees. But art is all about offering counterpoints, and for a small group of people, supporting free arts programs was cause enough to celebrate. 

[Photos by Max Lakner/BFA]