Young philanthropists, biology buffs, and dance party enthusiasts gathered on Thursday for the American Museum of Natural History's Moon Dance: Night Journey. The celestial evening garnered plenty of buzz - who wouldn't want to explore the iconic museum after-hours (while tipsy)? Things kicked off with an epic scavenger hunt, as guests were led through the halls via a special app, earning points and looking for clues between the deep sea and dinosaurs. Of course, the adventure also led to plenty of Insta-worthy photo ops (our team in particular may have spent more time posing than playing but the pics were so worth it - just saying).

Afterwards, attendees headed downstairs to the Cullman Hall of the Universe to drink, dance, and snack away amid the stars. Between turns in the GIF photo booth, well-heeled revelers enjoyed glitter-topped cotton candy, cosmic doughnuts, chocolate macarons, and more. The sweetest moments, however, went down on the dance floor. Click through for an inside look at this out-of-this-world event!

[Photo by R. Mickens courtesy AMNH]