Inside The Cookie Swap At Folded Victory's Supper Club

A traditional cookie swap was the hot ticket on Saturday night at the height of the holiday party season. Assembling a group of musicians, writers, lawyers, and bakers on Saturday afternoon at the Upper West Side's Fairway Cafe, Stephanie Nass, Founder of Victory Club, brought together her friends to celebrate the official launch of Folded Victory's Supper Club, which we reveal is now open for membership. Guests mingled, sipped champagne, and swapped over 300 (!) cookies under a 6-foot evergreen wreath. The Club's mission is to bring together friends of friends through events like this one: meals or talks in intimate settings, usually related to the culinary and visual arts.

Nass explains that membership exists to foster a tight community and that the project is at its root inclusive. The first large-scale event will be January 17. You've heard of the venue, but, for the time being, it's being revealed to members only. Though the cookie swap was "gals-only," a few fellows started trickling in toward the end.

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Who was there: Guests included Jessica Roy, Julia Le, Alyssa Garcia, Theresa Perez, Annabelle Baylin, Brooke Baron, Jessica Grossman, and Stephanie Nass.

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