On February 16, Gratitude Railroad’s Howard Fischer and Sarah Berner hosted a “Food for a Better World” dinner at Daphne Cheng’s Exhibit C. Guests enjoyed a multi-course tasting menu featuring a variety of food innovations by companies working to forever change the food supply chain as well as the way we think about food.


During the dinner, many “food disruptors” presented including Josh Balk, the founder of Hampton Creek which was recently named “The Fastest Growing Food Company in the World,” Ben Chesler of Imperfect Produce, the nation’s leading distributor of ‘ugly’ produce, Brendan Coffey of the 3-D Ocean farming initiative Greenwave, Isha Datar of New Harvest, Perumal Gandhi of the animal-free milk protein maker Muufri, Ken Jaffe who is pioneering high-quality grass fed beef at Slope Farms, Meryl Natow of Six Foods cricket protein, The Jackfruit Company, Andras Forgacs who grows meat and leather in his Brooklyn based Modern Meadow laboratory, Kip Andersen, director of the documentary Cowspiracy, and biodynamic vineyard owner Mark Steele of Oregon-based Cowhorn Vineyard and Garden. 

Gratitude Railroad believes that our current food system needs repair and innovators, such as the ones at this dinner, must be supported, funded and nurtured.

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