Inside The Frick Collection's Annual Spring Garden Party

Last night, the Frick Collection hosted its annual Spring Garden Party in the museum's courtyard, overlooking Central Park. The evening celebrated the unveiling of Sir Frederic Leighton's 1895 painting, Flaming June as guests donned their spring garden party finest to explore the Frick family's "humble mansion for four - and 29 servants," as a Frick curator explained as the second floor of Henry Clay Frick's mansion was opened to the Fellows in attendance for the first time.

The opulent abode played host to over 600 Fellows of the museum as they socialized about, paying tribute to Leighton's Flaming June on loan from the Museuo de Arte de Ponce in Puerto Rico. Guests were able to float around the rarely opened Fifth Avenue garden as well as the mansion's second floor, which has never been open to the public before while sipping on specialty Belvedere cocktails throughout the night.

The evening brought out a slew of summer hues of orange in homage to Flaming June, as well as florals and flower crowns which were echoed through the Frick's floral arrangements. Click through for a look inside the Frick's 2015 Spring Garden Party and see some of our picks for the night's best dressed guests!

Who was there: Guests included, Henry Arnhold, Paul Arnhold, Wes Gordon, Yan Assoun, Polina Proshkina, John P. Birkelund, Peter Blanchard, Sofia Blanchard, Daniele Bodini, Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah M. Bogert, Edward Lee Cave, Helen Clay Chace, Tia Chapman, Margaret Civetta, Sarah Crocker, Ryan Dattilo, Caitlin Davis, Michael Davis, Lydia Fenet Delaney, Christopher Delaney, Ellen DeVegh, Pierre DeVegh, Lara Devgan, Patrick Verdonck, Ann Winslow Donelly, Norbert P. Donelly, Christina Eberli, Elizabeth Eveillard, Jean-Marie Eveillard, Barbara G. Fleischman, Sarah Flint, Pamela Ford, David B. Ford, Joanne duPont Foster, Marina Kellen French, Elise D. Frick, Emily T. Frick, Lawrence Friedland, Susan Grace Galassi, Lee White Galvis, Peter S. Goltra, Linda and Paul Gridley, Louise Grunwald, Agnes Gund, Susan Gutfreund, Frederick C. Havemeyer IV, Kate Hemphill, Sheila and Robert Hoerle, Elizabeth R. Horvitz, Kate Horvitz, Michael J. Horvitz, Roberta Huber, Christian K. Keesee, Lawrence Keigwin, Eaddy Kiernan, Sidney R. Knafel, Londa Weisman, Elizabeth Kurpis, Jon Kurpis, Lucy Jane Lang, Scott Asher, Dr. Edie Langner, Michael H. Coles, Alvaro E. Leal, Howard G. Lepow, Marc. A Lewinstein, Janine E. Luke, Helen Lynch, Hampton Lynch Jr., James C. Marlas, Marie Nugent-Head Marlas, Sandeep Mathrani, Sean D. McAndrew, Lucy Flemming McGrath, Clare E. McKeon, Monika McLennan, Matthew McLennan, Maureen M. Nash, Sarah Maslin Nir, William A. Nitze, Alexander E. C. Overstrom, John A. Paulson, Howard Phipps Jr., Pablo Pérez d’Ors, Alexandra Caroline Porter, Emily K. Rafferty, Peter Regna, Dr. James S. Reibel, Katherine G. Reibel, Barbara A. Reuter, Barbara Robinson, John Robinson, Charles M. Royce, Marianna Sabater, Juan Sabater, Xavier F. Salomon, Mark Schaffer, David Goldman, Dr. Stephen K. Scher, Janie Woo, Charles N. W. Schlangen, Roberta Schneiderman, Oliver Schulze, Thomas Strong-Grinsell, Stephen Schwarzman, Christine Schwarzman, Lacary Sharpe, Robert B. Silvers, Elizabeth F. Stribling, Guy Robinson, Melinda Sullivan, Paul Sullivan, Sara Gilbane Sullivan, James R. Sullivan, Aso O. Tavitian, Lisa Morse Volling, Jeff Volling, Ian Wardropper, Sarah McNear, Joan Madden Wilson, James Wilson, Andrea Woodner, and Jennifer Wright.

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