Inside The Gascon x Brian Kirhagis Event Hosted By GQ

Celebrated wine maker Don Miguel Gascon thought wine should be a part of cultured life, one that includes the arts. Today, this 130 year old philosophy lives on and will come to life during the Taste Acquired event at The Hotel on Rivington’s stylish Penthouse Suite.

Don Miguel Gascon partnered with artist Brian Kirhagis and Good Wood NYC to create a mural that showcases the winery’s rich Argentine heritage and its strong ties to the arts. Good Wood deconstructed the mural into 300 gravity-defying wine bottle holders that each attendee will receive as a one-of-a-kind keepsake during the event.

Over 300 industry notables and local celebrities enjoyed Gascón's Malbec fused with hors d'oeuvres and smooth Jazz.

Who was there: Guests included Sean Avery, Brian Kirhagis, and more.