Inside the Guggenhiem Young Collectors Council Artist Dinner Celebrating Storylines

On Monday, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Young Collectors Council and the museum's curators came together to celebrate an intimate dinner at The Wright - the museum's elegant daytime cafe under the rotunda.

Who was there: Guests included, Liddy Berman, Josh Elkes, Carmen Hermo, Dan Tanzilli, Kevin Beasley, Alexandre Singh, Dr. Lara Devgan, Daniel Wismer, Yasmin Naghash, Alexander Hankin, Ally Shapiro, Anne Huntington, Benjamin Draper, Karaugh Brown, Rishi Chatrath, Ryan Kelly, Travis Braha, Andrew Rauner, Blair Asbury Brooks, Emie Diamond, Emilie Futterman, Ian Cohen, Joan Young, Josephine Meckseper, Julie Biro, Martin Rozenblum, Matt Keegan, Nate Lowman, Paul Cossu, Rebecca Taylor, Robert Diamond, Amelia Brankov, Astrid T. Hill, Charlie Manzo, Gudrun Willcocks, Joey Lico, Lauren Hinkson, Marlies Verhoeven, Mary Garis, Mitzi Avanzado, Molly Minton, Ryan Dattilo, Sangeetha Ramaswamy, Sophie Hahn, and Tess Schwab.

Other details: The night, hosted by Liddy Berman and Josh Elkes, celebrated the artists featured in the museums summer exhibition "Storylines: Contemporary Art at the Guggenheim" including works by Gerard & Kelly, Matt Kreeganm Nate Lowman, Josephine Meckseper and Alexandre Singh whose works were all acquired by the Young Collectors Council.

The dinner included a public performance continuing the Storylines theme by Gerard & Kelly, Timelining which is performed every Monday on the museums floor under the famous rotunda above the circular staircase ascending the museum.

[Photos by Diana Zapata/]