Inside The Hashbrowns & Hashtags Brunch At The Handy Liquor Bar

If we could condense a New York City essentials list, it would probably just include avocado toast and Instagram. Top those two off with advice from empowering female entrepreneurs and you have yourself an ideal Saturday brunch.

During their biannual pop-up event, Hashbrowns & Hashtags invited guests to The Handy Liquor Bar to enjoy farm-to-table delights courtesy of Chalk Point Kitchen and bottomless drinks by Luc Belaire and VDKA 6100. Successful media experts such as Leah McScweeney of Married to the Mob, Terri White, EIC of Time Out New York, and Lauren Singer of The Simply Co., shared their endeavors within the corporate world and offered sage advice on how to become your own #girlboss. Click through for an inside look!

Who was there: Guests included Courtney Wright, Alexandra Machover, Samantha Chin, Scarlett Stack, Leah McSweeney, Terri White, Lauren Singer, Kitty-Cash, Cassandra Bodzak, Martina McFlyy, Emily Sundberg, Céline Bossart, Jasmine Yook, Neesha Arter, Sarvie Nasseri.