Cinematic scares, vintage glamour, floors upon floors of immersive experiences, and, most importantly, an open bar - the McKittrick Hotel just does Halloween better, year after year. This past weekend, the multi-venue space, famous for housing the creepy-cool Sleep No More experience year-round, kicked off its Hitchcock Halloween festivities, a three-day fete (that you can still snag tickets to tonight) inspired by Hollywood's master of terror. 

Guests came dressed in their Hitchcockian best, decked out in retro garb, old-school fascinators, and, overwhelmingly, covered in feathers as Tippi Hedren's worst nightmare: The Birds. 

At every turn, partygoers found themselves in yet another secret passageway or stairwell, which brought them to a brand new floor complete with its own bar, live band, troupe of performance artists, and set design. Hitchcock's iconic silhouette could be found throughout the space, along with projections of his infamous films, and scenes inspired by them (one hospital-like bathroom was filled with bloody shower curtains reminiscent of Psycho; blood red shots were served off a medical tray).

When guests weren't busy exploring, they cheered on contestants in a lively lip sync battle or raged away on the dance floor in the main ballroom, a neon-light filled rave complete with go-go dancers and Gothic church decor.

Click through for an inside look at what you missed - and remember to snag tickets to the McKittrick next year. 

[Photo by Jenny Anderson]