Where Franklin and Broadway meet at Aqua Studio NYC, so too did Generations X, Y and Z, united by the proverbial and literal thread to celebrate the launch of MILLENNIAL's premier collection: Uniforme Urbain.

Guests buzzed to an eclectic playlist, eager hands hugging smokey mezcal cocktails crafted by Doña Sarita, the evening’s urban attitude reflected in the collection's crisp tees and the mix of Manhattanites and Europeans that celebrated it. MILLENNIAL's locally produced, unisex ready to wear blends together urban attitude with fashion forward styles to create American cotton-based casual wear with hints of classic rebellious ease found in European style. On display was the Uniforme Urbain collection: Ts, sweatshirts, and the all mighty vegan leather jacket that can house a hidden portable cell phone charger - making it the ultimate on-the-go fashion statement without compromising style or aesthetic. #LeDuh.

Blogger, Nicole Corona from Prints and Pouts said it best, stating that "the brand truly delivers an elevation to on-the-go plain white tee's and sweats, and the ladies behind the brand are an extension of what I wish I could see more of in the fashion industry."

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