On March 8th, International Women's Day, Ohana & Co hosted its 7th annual Success for Progress Luncheon hosted by Karine Ohana, Susan Rockefeller and Kara Ross. A great atmosphere and lively energy kept the afternoon buzzing. Guests were invited and engaged by Susan Rockefeller in order to project in the future and share their personal engagement for a better world. David Batstone spoke of his mission of fighting modern slavery, while Francine LeFrack spoke of hiring women in jail and reducing recidivism. Kara Ross shared a personal life story that led her to create Unleashed and help women's causes, announcing a donation to Girls Up on March 8th. Scott Tannen demonstrated that sustainability can be successful with the strongest growth in the home lifestyle industry.

Guests and participants included: Karine Ohana (in Philip Lim), Ohana & Co; Ariel Ohana, Ohana & Co; Kara Ross, Unleashed; Susan Rockefeller, Musings; David Batsone, Zshoes; Francine LeFrak, Same Sky; Simone Levinson, Juice Press; Scott Tannen, Boll and Branch; Shivam Malik Shah, Zuckerberg Foundation; Marlo Tablante, H&M; Dali Schonfelder, Nalu; Richard Emmanuel, Reard; Karine Tawema, Karethic; Jostein Solheim, Ben & Jerry's; Suhel Seth, Counselage India; Caroline Wang, Vice Chairman of Alexander Wang; Veronique Gabai-Pinsky, CEO of Vera Wangl; Laurent Ohana, media and tech expert of Ohana group; Scott Tannen, founder of Boll and Branch. 

Also Scott Tannen ,founder of Boll and Branch

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