The secret's out.

On Thursday, December 15th, Episode Interactive, launched it's latest interactive mobile game: Pretty Little Liars. The new title joins IP partners such as Mean Girls and Demi Lovato. To celebrate the event, guests came out to The Sanatorium in the Lower East Side to partake in a night of spooky and sexy activities, cocktails, and music.

Upon entering the space, guests confronted their reflection in mirrors covered in cryptic lipstick messages, in true Pretty Little Liars fashion. The evening kicked off with a cocktail station at the venue's mental-hospital-themed-bar, where patrons exchanged a written secret for a cocktail, complete with a submerged syringe of a blood-like solution they injected into each beverage. With bright red cocktail in hand, guests danced to the musical stylings of DJ Marta.jpeg, and interacted with the Pretty Little Liars "choose your own story" game on iPads paraded about by a staff of Matrix Models who looked as though they stepped out of the game themselves.

From there, attendees went on to get their tarot cards read in the space's secret bunker, next to a GIF booth where patrons posed with life size Pretty Little Liars cut outs. While some guests mingled among the spaces dark corners, low hanging chandeliers and muted black candles, others got their makeup done courtesy of treStiQue beauty, choosing from a menu of Pretty Little Liars themed looks.

Did you miss the event? Download Episode and play the new Pretty Little Liars game in the app store, and immerse yourself in the world of A and her frenemies.

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