For every fashion week party that features glitzy clothes, famous figures, and surprise performances, there are the ones that boil it down to the basics of having fun: drinking, dancing, and just a slight little nudge towards chaos. 

Sophie Tabet and Cecile Winckler of Unemployed Magazine did just that last night, with one of the more entertaining parties of the week. At first it was a simple affair at the new Canal Street Market, where a group gathered to flip through the latest issue and check out the new selection of goods from the Unemployed team. But later in the night the party shifted to 86 Orchard, formerly known as Casa Mezcal and currently being transformed to a new bar from the Loosie Rouge team called Pepito. 

The incomplete bar was key: it provided the opportunity for Unemployed to go wild with the space, giving guests white ripstop coveralls along with paint and markers to decorate the bare walls. Fueled by YOLA Mezcal and music by AlunaGeorge and Madison Sowers (Powered By Forecast), the crowd turned everything into a canvas for their drawings and (suggestive) slogans. Despite only being Monday during one of the most hectic weeks of the year, people found it hard to tear themselves away from the party even at 3 am, proving that sometimes all you have to do is nail the basics. 

[Photo by Benjamin Lozovsky/