J.Crew Honors Their March Catalog Muses

by ALISON KRAWCZYK · February 26, 2010

    [All photos by Neil Rasmus for PMc] It was a family affair last night at the J.Crew in Soho. The entire Kemble - Curry family, including the toddlers, joined the retailer in honoring the women who were featured in the March issue of their catalog.

    As guests perused through the J.Crew store on Prince Street, the cash register counters were turned  into a bar area where wine and cocktails were served. The latest apparel were displayed, therefore attendees got a first look. Also enjoying the event with Boykin Curry, Celerie Kemble Curry and their children, were Amanda Brooks, Jenna Lyons, Naomi Beckwith, Tom Mora, Olya and Charles Thompson, and Tom Folsom.


    ?, Marissa Webb, ? Gortner, Carolina Palmgren

    Lily Koppel, Tom Folsom,Rascal Kemble Curry, Boykin Curry


    Dianna Lunt, Hailey Coupon, Ellen Bar, Jenna Lyons

    Naomi Beckwith

    Guests ?, Thelma Golden

    Peter Connelly, Sarah Connelly, Kevin Nichols, Leah Nichols

    Olya Thompson, Charles Thompson, Jenna Lyons

    Tom Mora, Molly Carey

    Rascal Kemble Curry, Celerie Kemble Curry, Coco Brooks, Zinnia Kemble Curry, Amanda Brooks, Jenna Lyons